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Fantasy lining collection for clothing

At Puig Ubach we have a wide selection of fantasy lining fabrics for clothing, ideal for all types of linings, and of course always in compliance with all quality standards and with the possibility of customization at the customer’s request.
Fantasy lining clothing

Besides our collection of fantasy lining fabrics for clothing, we also have all sorts of designs: Plain, striped, Jacquard, printed, etc. that we manufacture in various qualities: Polyester, Polyester/Modal, Polyester/Viscose, Acetate and Acetate/Viscose.

For over 100 years at Puig Ubach we have been aware of the importance of always offering the highest quality in hand with the best service, something we have strived to accomplish into current times.

The outcome of this effort has resulted in three product lines envisaged just for you, who wants to give your clothing the best quality finish, whether it is with our classic lining, our casual lining or our stretch lining product lines, a quality manufacturing that Puig Ubach has pioneered.

We have the pleasure of being suppliers to the best retail brands in the textile industry and we will always guarantee the best response when it comes to delivery times.

Contact us if you have any inquiry or if you want to place an order for us to personalize our linings for you. We are at your service!

Address and contact information: 

c/ Ravel, nº10. Polígono Industrial Can Jardí. C.P: 08191. Rubí (Barcelona). 
Customer service line: 935 88 49 00 / Fax: 936 97 26 53 

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