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Jacquard lining collection for clothing

A brief history of Jacquard: Joseph Marie Jacquard (Lyon 1752 / Oullins 1834), was a weaver, salesman, and would later become a master inventor at the service of Napoleon, carrying out his duties at the Conservatory of Arts and Trades in France, where he would first introduce the Jacquard loom to the public in 1805.
Jacquard lining clothing

The machine, operated by a single user, allowed for the weaving of fabrics with complex patterns through the use of coloured thread and cardboard punched cards, which worked through a complex pedal-powered mechanism involving cords and hooks.

Seven years later, over 11,000 Jacquard looms were working at full capacity all across France. A few years before the death of its inventor, the loom was already present in all textile manufacturing centres in Europe.

Nowadays, his punched card system is considered to be one of the oldest precursors of computing.  
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